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Monday, August 13th, 2012

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Vojin Vidanović


E-mail: @ vojin.vidanovic fpn.bg.ac.rs You Tube Skype: rastavox Google Plus Blog

Place and date of birth

Belgrade, Serbia 01.01.1979


  • 2002nd graduated from the Department of Social Work and Social Policy,
    GPA 9.35;
  • 2006th MA, topic: “Group work in strengthening social and
    integration of children without parental care in the institutional protection “
  • 2012th PhD, topic: “The social development of Serbia in the process of transition”


social development , social development planning , social policy , social policy doctrine , contemporary social problems , social welfare in the economy , 
(From 2.1.2011) Professional Practice II , III professional practice

Time for consultation:

  • Thursday 12-14, room 139, Fourth Floor

Scientific interest

  • social policy, social (human and sustainable) development, social issues (national and global), contemporary social work, social inclusion, social integration, children without parental care


  • 2005 Vidanović, Vojin, Student Parliament – emprowering students to become professionals.Sustainable development in social work: the case of a regional network in the Balkans. – P. 212-222
  • 2008 Vidanović, Vojin, marginalization and social exclusion of children without parental care, Social Thought: Journal of Theory and criticism of social ideas and practice ISSN: 0354-401X. – God. 15, no. 1 (57) (2008), p. 61-70 Information about the article The text of the article
  • 2011th Knežić, Branislav, Vidanović, Vojin, Social services and care for the elderly,Proceedings of the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research = Recuel das travaux de l’Institut de recherches et criminologiques sociologiques ISSN: 0350-2694. – God. 30, no. 1/2 (2011), p. 291-305
  • 2011th Knežić, Branislav, Vidanović, Vojin, problems of asylum seekers in Serbia, the Serbian Political Thought ISSN: 0354-5989. – God. 18, vol. 34, no. 4 (2011), p. 421-440 published news on the site CZA text download

Professional articles and book reviews

  • 2007-8: Associate of the “Association of Centres for Social Work” (3 texts published)
  • 2008 to 2009. The bulletin of the Association of professional social care workers R. Serbian “News” published a number of expert reviews of books including:

a) The number of 3-4/08 book “Social Development and Planning” by prof. Dr. Mira Lakićević Ana Gavrilovic et al (pp. 73-74)
b) The number of 5-6/08 book “Social enterprises and the role of alternative economy in the process of European integration”, published by the European Movement in Serbia (pp. 63-64)
c) The number of 1-2/09 book “The Two Faces of Globalization” by Dr. Branko Milanovic (pp. 93-94)

  • In the 2012 yearbook FPN 2011th Year V • Number 6 • November 2011th ISSN :1820-6700 COBISS.SR-ID: 145 774 604 presented the book “Rich and Poor” by Branko Milanovic text download


  • Vidanović, Vojin “Social integration of children without parental care, forbidden Foundation, 2007 (Belgrade: Todra plus)

Participation in international meetings

  • 2002nd Participants of the Seventh Summer School of Social Work in Berlin, “Social Problems and Social Work Sol utions in a Greater Europe” organized by the Europe-Institute for Social Work, Berlin (14 days);
  • 2002nd Participant the 30-th conference of the National Association of Social Workers, “Citizens of a fair and more united world”, Montpellier, France 15-18 July 2002;
  • 2004th Representative BBBS Serbian international conferences “Models for the prevention of violence against children”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 4-5 November 2004, and Representative BBBS Serbia at the meeting “Europian expirience with Big Brothers – Big Sisters”, Vilnius, Lithuania 0.24 to 5 September 2005;
  • 2006th Participant Conference, “Despite a difficult future, shape the brighter future,”
    Sarajevo, the world congress of FICE International;
  • 2007th participant of the First Regional Conference of preventive project “Older brother, older sister”, Sarajevo, BiH
  • 2008th Participant of the Second Balkan Conference of Social Workers, Vlasinsko Lake, Leskovac, Association of Social Workers Jablanica and Pcinja
  • 2008th National Conference of Social Workers Austria “Social work is all right” (“Social Hat Reich Arbeit”) in Vienna
  • 2010th International Summer School of PhD students in European countries organized by the University of Milan and Department of Social Sciences – Carlo Alberto (“Universita degli Studi di Milano” and “Departmento di Scienze Sociali Universita di Torino – Collegio Carlo Alberto”),September 2010. called “The global crisis, the resources of the welfare state and social inequality” (“Global crisis, responses Welfare and Social Inequalities”) in Turin, Italy.
  • 2011th A participant of the conference “Ecology and ecofeminism” with the introduction čalanka Darko overcome, Vojin Vidanović: Ekofeministička ideology of Petra Kelly
  • 2012th International Conference “Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact ‘ 8-12 July, Stockholm, Sweden

Tion engaged in scientific projects

  • 2011 – Crime in Serbia: phenomenology, and risk the possibility of social intervention (project number: 47 011)

Special knowledge and skills

  1. He speaks fluent English and is engaged in translating literature in the field of social policy and social work;
  2. Working knowledge of French and German;
  3. The full use of government computers (Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet services) and is capable of maintaining computer software (installation, antivirus protection, optimization).
  4. Touch-typing


  • Scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Technology R. Serbia



  • 1998th collection of poems, “Inner space”

Performed civilian service

Marital status: Single


Membership in organizations


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